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Dental Crown Replacement in London

Dental crowns do not last forever and needs replacement after sometime. There are other reasons too why patients want to replace old crowns. If the color is not a good match, the shape is not of your choice, the color might not fitproperly or you have chipped or broken teeth, then all these will make you feel uncomfortable. Our dentists will help you to replace your crowns without involving any pain.

Dental Crown Replacement Method

Replacing a dental crown is quite similar to the removal of your old crown.

The tooth will be prepared after removing old dental crown and decay is removed when necessary. Any type of dental work that needs to be done should be performed on your tooth beneath. Sometimes, the maintenance may require including root canal work and rebuilding tooth underneath.

A digital scan or an impression of the teeth will be taken with the impression or scan of opposite jaw and your teeth bite. A temporary ‘interim’ crown is fitted and the technician uses scans or impressions with necessary information about the material and color you should use. This can fabricate new crown and the dentist can fit the new crown after a few weeks.

Sometimes, you will have to do a trial fitting for minor refinements to be done like optimise the shape, colour or function. This is necessary when a single front crown should be matched to your own teeth. Our dentist in London will help to replace your dental crown during emergency.

Cost for Crown Replacement

The price may differ based on the number of crowns, their positioning, how much tooth preparation is needed and materials you choose for your crown. Our dentists will be able to tell the exact cost of dental crown replacement at our clinic in London.

When You should Seek Help

When your crown is broken or has a minor issue, our dentists will help with emergency dental crown repair and replacement, according to your need.

Don't suffer in pain, get your emergency dental crown repair now!

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Loose Crown

When you feel the existing crown you have is loose, feel free to schedule your appointment quickly. Having an unstable dental crown may allow bacteria from food to enter the space between the gum and crown, which can cause gum infection.

Unpleasant Smell

If you are wearing a dental crown and sense bad odour coming from it, this means bacteria have entered the space between the gum and the restoration. When it is not treated on time, this may be the reason for gum infection and gum recession.

Broken Crown

When you suffer from broken or lost crown, seek an appointment with the dentist. Without proper cleaning of the area and additional pressure to the gums due to missing crown, this may be the reason for other dental problems.

Is It Necessary to Replace Dental Crown on the Same Day?

When your dental crown breaks, getting it replaced on the same day is not essential for your oral health. But it can help to boost your confidence and lessen the inconvenience.

The loss of a crown may unavoidably impair chewing function and often change your chewing side. If it is not treated for a long period, you may wear off the teeth on the chewing side excessively, causing further dental problems.

Call our dentists immediately when your crown breaks by accident!

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