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Same Day Dental Implants in London

Dental implants are a suitable solution for replacing your missing or lost teeth. But problems can sometimes occur years after the implant had been placed. In case you cannot see your dentist bit are facing any of these conditions such as loose implant, swollen or bleeding gums around the implant, foul smell from the implant or dental pain, then book your emergency appointment with us.

Our dentists will suggest the right treatment after conducting X-rays and CT-scan for complete assessment. After the initial consultation session, we will give you detailed description of all possible treatment options.

Loose dental implant crown

The crown of your implant can become loose due to a small crack by eating hard food, change in your bite or excessive pressure due to stress. This is definitely a dental emergency and if it is left untreated, the crown will further become loose which can be the reason for falling off completely.

Besides, the gap created between the gums and the crown creates a positive environment for the built-up of bacteria from foods and drinks. The results may be disastrous for your implant and overall oral health. When the crown is not sealed properly and the bacteria enter this space, it is quite possible to cause gum infection. This may lead to severe implications such as bone loss, gum loss and reaction to the implant and need of its removal.

If you find your crown has become loose or there is a bad smell coming from the implant area, then book your emergency dental implant appointment quickly. Our dentists possess several years of experience in providing emergency dental treatment to Londoners and we cover an extensive range of dental treatments to help anyone during emergency. Feel free to call us at 02031376356 and book your appointment.

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Gum infection around dental implants

Replacing a missing tooth with dental implant won’t make gum infections to go away. Despite the crown’s less chances to collect plaque, the bacteria can still enter between the tooth and the gum. These bacteria can hardly be removed with brushing teeth at home and you may suffer from an infection causing dental abscess, severe pain or other problems.

If you feel any bad smell from around the dental implant or your gums are bleeding, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist quickly. There are cases when a professional cleaning from the hygienist will be sufficient to get rid of the infection. If you need to perform complicated treatment, our dentist will advise you on your options so that you can take an informed decision and treat the condition quickly.

Besides, a gum infection whether swollen or red, can be the reason for gum recession and bone loss. This makes it very difficult for another implant to be applied in the space of lost one.

Schedule your emergency dental implant treatment appointment with us

You should not take any medication before an emergency dental implant appointment. If the pain becomes unbearable, try taking over-the-counter pain killer with paracetamol. This medicine will slow down any infection in the gums and lessen the pain. Additionally, you can rinse mouth with warm salt water.

During the initial appointment, your dentist will recognize the issue and assess the severity of it with all possible treatment options for you.

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